Some people like to personalize their things to add their own touch and make something truly unique to them. A lot about who you are comes from the things you own.
Here, you’ll learn how to make your hoverboard unique. Add a little personality to your hoverboard with these cheap tips and tricks. You can add stickers, skins and do a lot of DIY custom ideas that will work for you.
If you are a parent, making things with your kids’ favorite toys is a great way to connect with them. It’s also a great thing for kids to do

Hoverboards that are made by you

All the hoverboards that are on the market may seem to look a little similar to each other. You can’t call a hoverboard unique if someone else bought the same model as you, even if you made it your own. If you want to make your hoverboard unique, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.
They may appeal to adults, but kids won’t be interested in them. Some companies, like Razor, make their hoverboards come in a lot of different colors so that kids can choose the one that looks the best to them.
It might not make a difference to teens or adults, but the color and design of their hoverboard make riding more fun because they can use their bright imaginations while riding.

1. Make Your Own Customization

Today, most people like to do their own things. It doesn’t matter if they’re painting their bedroom or making crafts out of wood, most people are now into DIY projects.
People who want to make their hoverboards unique can save money by making their own designs with cheap materials from the store or with things they already have at home.
Making a hoverboard your own lets you be creative. It’s also a fun thing to do with your child. DIY: You can use some of the following:
Stickers, colorful tape, and reflective tape are some of the things you’ll need to make your project look good.

It’s easy to find most of the materials you need for your DIY project at a dollar store near you. Your X-Acto Knife (2) will make it easy for you to cut the colorful and designer duct tape to fill in the parts of your hoverboard and make it look the way you want it to.

2. Make Your Own Hoverboard Skins

If you go online, you can look for custom hoverboard skins that will fit your model. You can also look for them. These skins are easy to put on, but make sure you get the right one for your board. Imagine that you buy a case for your new smartphone. They all work the same way.
You can buy hoverboard skins from Amazon or any other website that sells them. To look for a custom skin for your self-balancing smart scooter, type in the model number in the search bar, and then click search.
It’s easy to make your own skin for your hoverboard. There are a lot of designs to choose from, like floral prints, space design, camouflage, and many more!

3. Putting Stickers on the things you buy

The more stickers you have, the more you can cover the whole thing with stickers. Most stickers and decals can be found on Amazon or at any other online store like that.
In this case, the customization part is simple. So just stick them in any way you want to make the board look more interesting. To make your hoverboard look more like a race car, you can put decals on the top.

4. Decorate your Hoverboard

For extra fun, you could even paint your own hoverboard. It’s better to paint your own hoverboard than use pre-made skins or stickers. It will take a lot more work, but it’s also a fun thing to do if you have some extra time.
When you want to paint your hoverboard, you’re going to need these things:
Spray cans
Tape for painting or masking off (optional)
Before you paint your hoverboard, make sure that you tape off the parts that you don’t want to paint. Most of the time, you’d want to put tape on the LEDs, rubber foot pads, connection ports, and buttons.
Take care to make sure that every surface is smooth for a high-quality finish You can use sandpaper to make the surface of your hoverboard even.
All that’s left is to spray on the first layer of paint and wait for it to dry. When the first layer is dry, you can go ahead and spray the second layer of paint. To do one color or mix them up and use different colors in different places, you can.

5: Do all of the above things.

It’s also possible to mix and match to make your hoverboard unique. You can paint the hoverboard and put stickers on it, or you can buy custom decals and do some DIY work to make your own stickers. This does not matter how you make your hoverboard unique. Make sure you are happy with the end result.


You can have some fun by customizing a hoverboard. This is a way to add a personal touch and make the hoverboard your own. When you paint or add custom skins to a hoverboard, not only will it look better, but it can also hide scratches and dings. All of the ways are cheap and easy, so don’t forget to have fun!